The Science Behind the Sure Stix System



Single Frequency Technology - The Whole Story

Over the past twenty years "FREQUENCY" has probably become the most used buzzword to hit the golf industry since the game was invented. Unfortunately it is also one of the most misunderstood words that we use when we talk about golf clubs or golf club shafts. Today I will present a technical definition of frequency, an understanding of what frequency is, what it is not and how it relates to custom club fitting. I will describe the three frequency matching systems presently in use and the relative merits of each system. Finally I will relate frequency to shaft characteristics and discuss how the various systems go about determining the proper frequency for the golfer.


Moment of Inertia - The Whole Story

Swing weight, dead weight or total weight, static balance and dynamic balance are words that most golfers have heard but few understand, simply because a complete explanation of these terms is difficult to find. These characteristics of any golf club are directly related to how the club feels to the golfer and how well each club is matched to the other clubs in the set.

Most golfers think they know what they are getting when they buy a "matched" set of clubs, but they are usually quite wrong because, while they will have a set of clubs that all look alike, that is normally where the similarity ends. But then what do we really mean when we say "matched" clubs? Advertising would have you believe that "matched" sets of clubs all feel the same and all react the same way to your swing.



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